Why Not Me?

When I finally found recovery, I was consumed with self-pity. I lived in a constant state of “woe is me” and was downright convinced there was not a single individual on this earth who could understand what I was going through, or what I was thinking and feeling. My self-centeredness, which I would come to find…… Continue reading Why Not Me?

Before You Judge Me

Today, I celebrate 3 years living in recovery! There was a time, not too long ago, that I didn’t think I would survive another 3 years, so this milestone is an incredible accomplishment for a once hopeless addict like myself.  I am often asked if I am worried about what people will think of me for openly admitting to being…… Continue reading Before You Judge Me

When Words are Weapons

There was a comment under an article I read that hit me hard: “We shouldn’t have to help fund the drug problem! Addiction is not a disease, it is a choice! We should just allow natural selection to take it’s course.” Normally, I brush off offensive statements about addiction and recovery. I even defend those people…… Continue reading When Words are Weapons

Dear Addiction, This is Goodbye

Dear Addiction, I am writing you today to tell you goodbye. I have built a new life, one much different than I have ever known before. A life that brings me joy, genuine friendship and love; a life I don’t need to escape from. What I am trying to say is this…our relationship has run it’s course.…… Continue reading Dear Addiction, This is Goodbye

Active Addiction – Have You Had Enough?

“Haven’t you had enough yet?” “Aren’t you sick and tired of being sick and tired?” I can’t even tell you how many times I heard those questions while I was in active addiction. Everyone in my life who cared about me had at one point pleaded with me to just stop; my mother, husband, friends,…… Continue reading Active Addiction – Have You Had Enough?