Because of Recovery

Thank you, Ryan Hampton, for sharing my story as part of the #VoicesProject! Here are the links to my previously published article, as well as to Ryan's blog. If you are interested in reading more about how others are speaking out about addiction and recovery, #VoicesProject will certainly inspire you! Ryan Hampton Site   and  Vanessa Day... Continue Reading →

Jumping in Puddles

I saw this video once of a young man jumping in puddles with friends on a cloudy day. He jumps from one puddle to the next while water splashes and stains his clothing. Suddenly, it starts pouring rain. You can hear thunder booming in the background and see lightning crackling in the sky. Everyone else... Continue Reading →

No Vacancy

Every night, while driving home from work, I pass the same run down motel on the main stretch of 108th St. It's the one with the golden skeleton key on the sign and a red neon vacancy light blinking on and off. Not once have I driven past that motel where the light didn’t read "Vacancy," and... Continue Reading →

A Wretch Like Me

1,154 days… That’s how long it has been since I took my last drink. It’s not a big anniversary. It's not something I will celebrate with friends. I won’t be recognized at my meetings with key tags or coins. No one will high five me on the street or pat me on the back. But it's important that I recognize my... Continue Reading →


I used to spend so much time looking at myself in the mirror. Fixing my hair, putting on my makeup. It was all a facade, to mask how I really felt about myself. I couldn't even go to the grocery store without putting makeup on first. I was afraid that I would see someone I... Continue Reading →

Attitude of Gratitude

I was just sitting here, reflecting on all of the things I am thankful for today and I thought I would take the opportunity to share a few things about my life. I try to reflect on the things I am most grateful for on a daily basis. Some days are more difficult than others, and I find myself forcing my... Continue Reading →

Breaking the Stigma

Growing up, society taught me that I should not disclose that I am an alcoholic or an addict; that my addiction is something I should be ashamed of. I heard this message every time someone described someone’s behavior to be that of a “crackhead,” every time someone talked about what a “drunk” someone was or... Continue Reading →

The Lies She Wanted to Hear

Reflecting on what life was like in active addiction, and thanking God I don't live there anymore. 6:45am… She wakes in the morning, and immediately feels the pain of her head against the pillow. She feels embarrassed, but she doesn’t know why. This is not unusual. She often feels the sting of regret before she even remembers... Continue Reading →

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